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Артисты: Borgore & Dan Farber

Название музыкального произведения: Turn Around

Длина файла с песней: 03:36

Дата добавления: 2015-01-13

Просмотров страницы: 782

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She says im a cheater
She heard from a friend that i fucked her best friend
and that friend i had better sex
But i dont complain cause its better than my hand
She dont understand
How could i tell her that shes getting fatter
She haven’t stopped eating since i first met her
And i could have noticed her jeans screams surrender
I'm no hellen keller
She says we haven’t made love for over a month
But head is the only way to shut her mouth
And if she didnt swallow then id leave the house
She says its my drinking affecting my actions the way That im thinking
She threatened shes leaving
She heads to the door and all I could say was
Turn around x 20
Lets make up and make out

She says im a liar
She heard from a friend that her best friend fucked my whole band
Theres only one member so I guess we had sex and I don’t remember
Shes always on twitter
I see her dming some dudes that’s shes bitter
On insta no filter, left her a comment, #tbt you look fitter
She says im a child
Xbox all day wont get me a bride
I tell her shes childish not sucking dick wont make her a side bitch
Shes blaming my smoking
Tired of me getting snapchatin twerking
She says its not working
She heads to the door and all I can say is
Turn around
Lets make up and make out

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